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Various kinds of die cast alloys / Various kinds of tooling design and fabrication.


hile maintaining our traditions since the establishment 75 years ago, we endeavor to expand our business to overseas further more.

We have been focusing on gaining customers in our overseas development activities as we established a local company in Malaysia in 1990 followed by another one in Thailand in 2011.

After the establishment in 2011, Soritsu (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has been conducting integrated manufacturing of important safety related parts including arm suspensions, brake holders, handle holders, etc. and precision machinery parts by effectively using die-casting technologies that have been cultivated in Japan for years.

We continue working on the market expansion in the south-east Asia for further growth of our group as a whole.

President Keiko Kuwana


3 Production Method


Development of products that are vary and diverse in many fields

Our products have been used in various fields including vehicles. Especially, they have a high demand for important safety related parts for vehicles, which account for 70-percent of the sales. We believe this is a proof of the reliability of our technologies and products, and it allows us to continue our daily business with pride.

The Highly Trusted Product Quality Proven by the Great Sales Results of Important Safety Related Parts