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While maintaining our traditions, we endeavor to expand our business to overseas further more.

After the establishment in 2011, Soritsu (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has been conducting integrated manufacturing of important safety related parts and precision machinery parts by effectively using die-casting technologies that have been cultivated in Japan for years.

Company Outline

Company Information

Company Name Soritsu (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Address(Factory) 49/1 Moo7, Tha Bun Mi KoChan, Chonburi 20240
Tel +66 (0) 3820-9440
Land Area 5 Rai (8000 ㎡)
President Keiko Kuwana
Director Norifumi Kuwana, Masahiro Tada
Sales Items Various kinds of die cast alloys./Various kinds of tooling design
Capital 57,100,000 Baht
Establishment 1 Sep. 2011

Group Company

Soritsu Group Information

Head Office Soritsu Corporation
Address 655 Tai,Mihara-ku, Sakai-City, Osaka,Japan
Website http://www.soritsu.co.jp/
Address : 2582 ,MK. 1, Lorong Perusahaan 8C,Kawasan Perindustrian Perai,13600 Perai, Penang, Malaysia.
Website : http://www.soritsu.com.my

Obama Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Address : 23-1 Igomori, Obama-City, Fukui Prefecture

Sakai Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Address : 1-1-4 Nakatadei-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai-City, Osaka

Quality Policy

Amongst many different business factors, our company focuses on "product quality" more than anything. With a mindset as our customers are the root of the idea of best quality, all the employees of our company team up to fulfill our customers' satisfaction and respond to their expectation.

In order to practice the above-mentioned statement, we collect accurate information at an adequate stage. Then we apply analysis results to improve quality management systems so we can continue upgrading product quality and our quality management systems. With all these, we endeavor to fulfill our customers satisfaction and to develop our main business.

In order to achieve the Quality Policy mentioned above, we conduct the followings:

  1. We make sure to determine the quality levels, which our customers demand for, and to check if the quality of our products match to the level, which our customers want.
  2. We establish goals for product quality, and plans to achieve that quality then practice them.
  3. In our business activities, we make sure that achievements are checked while the management cycle of PDCA is implemented properly.
  4. We keep our facilities and factories tidy, clean, maintain their hygiene level adequately, and educate all the employees.
  5. We nurture our employees to be practical and a goal-achiever.

This Quality Policy is informed to all the employees to assure they all understand the details by displaying posters of the Quality Policy and providing educations.

21 Feb. 2015

Keiko Kuwana


  • Contact Information

  • Soritsu (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

  • Address (Factory)

    49/1 Moo7, Tha Bun Mi KoChan, Chonburi 20240
  • Tel: +66(0)3820-9440

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  • Contact Information

  • Soritsu (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

  • Address (Bangkok)

    1/12 Soi Bangna-trad 34 Bangna-Tai Bang-Na Bangkok 10260 Thailand
  • Tel: +66(0)2182-0034

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