Materials adopted by SORITSU THAILAND

ADC3 alloy which is a special alloy for dicasting.

ADC12 alloy which is used most frequently.

Other special alloy

ADC3 Alloy

It is most suitable for production of suspension arms.

With alloy casting, specifically ADC3 alloy, coupled with PF die cast and heat treatment (T6), we are able to achieve products with good strength and elongation. It is most suitable for production of suspension arms.

ADC12 Alloy

Well-balanced material

ADC12 is a well-balanced alloy as it has a high level of mechanical characteristics, machinability, and casting performance. It has been said that over 90-percent of the production of diecast-aluminium are ADC12, most of which are used for car parts. Therefore it is easy to obtain, and also a great material in terms of pricing as well as the excellence in distribution. Its disadvantage can be corrosion resistance levels, anodization levels, chemical coating conversion levels, etc. However its electroplate function is very good.

Other Special Alloy

Aluminium alloy suitable for customer needs

We can propose the die casting products with high strength, high conductivity, corrosion resistance or high toughness depending on cutomer needs.